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The Club Office can be reached at 403-272-3300 for further information.

The club's new web site, hosted by WildApricot.org, is now live in Beta form.
Please take it for a spin at http://calgaryyachtclub.wildapricot.org and let us know what you think!


Greetings from the Commodore

Welcome to the 2014 season!

First let me say that it’s a privilege to serve as Commodore of the Calgary Yacht Club. After nearly a lifetime of various levels of involvement with the club, it is indeed an honour to serve the interest of the club and its members.

The Western Irrigation District (WID) is mandated by the Town of Chestermere to raise the level of the lake by May 1st every year. There have been a couple of occasions over the years when this has not happened, one being last year. As I write this, the weather is warming; I can see puddles forming on the ice this is indeed a good sign that spring is here. We are not having an early spring but sailing will be here soon enough. For reference, in 2012 we had a very early spring; please take a look at the video below of fearless Art Buitenwerf sailing amongst the ice flows on April 6th, 2012.


Planning for the 2014 sailing season began in the fall of 2013. CYC lead scheduling meetings with both the Alberta Sailing Association (ASA) and the Glenmore Sailing Club (GSC) to ensure no conflicts would arise. Please refer the schedule here on the website: cyc.ab.ca

Our Junior Race Team lead by Luke Harrison is looking forward to a great sailing season. The schedule, coaching and travel plans have been set. This program provides fantastic value and is in high demand. Please make certain youth that want to be involved in racing and learning to race this summer contact our manager Laurie as soon as possible.

Looking forward, your Executive is working on strategic planning in an effort to help guide our club forward in the years to come. Your Executive will reach out for input and feedback from members this year. Our club has been around for 85+ years and has positively impacted the lives of thousands. We are at a time of great transition; with our new clubhouse we have become the jewel of Chestermere and the Calgary Area.

We must pause now and consider the future and how we will survive and thrive as a sailing club.  Nearly every sailing club in the world, including our own, struggles to find new members and sailors. We are not unique in this sense but what we do have is an exceptional situation. The Calgary area has one of the strongest economies and fastest growing populations in North America. Chestermere’s population has grown 25% since 2008. The population in neighbouring communities such as Langdon and Strathmore has exploded also. The Calgary area offers very little in the form of water culture and sports, we must realize that we have something that no one else can offer in our region. The only way to predict the future is to make it. Let’s plan for a healthy and vibrant sailing club that will positively impact and influence many thousands for years to come.

Did you know that the WID drops the lake level in the fall every year to reduce potential damage to dams and infrastructure both on the lake and downstream? In the fall of 2013 the WID dropped the lake 12” to 18” lower than usual to accommodate new construction at Anniversary Park (North West corner of the lake near the bridge). This lower water level exposed a number of anchors in front of the club. These anchors are old engine blocks and concrete formed in steel drums, the steel of the drums have long since corroded away but the concrete still remains intact. These anchors were used in the 50’s and early 60’s as moorings for club member’s boats. These boats were sailboats and more often than not mahogany runabouts, during this era boats were built by their owners, both power and sail.

I encourage everyone to please come out to the Members Wine and Cheese on April 12 at 7:00 pm at the club. This is a great opportunity to welcome our new members and get together with old friends to socialize and talk about the upcoming season.

Here’s to a great sailing season!

Michael Hooper


Calgary Yacht Club


See the Calendar link at the top of this page for a full overview of our Club's activities.
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Learn to Sail PDF Print E-mail

The Calgary Yacht Club is a full service training centre offering sailing instruction to adults and youth from the novice to the experienced sailor.
All programs are open to our club's members and to non-members.

Instructional programs follow the Sail Canada (previously the Canadian Yachting Association) guidelines and classifications. The Club's instructors are certified by Sail Canada and experienced in both adult and youth learn-to-sail instruction, and in racing skill development.

The clubs instructional boat fleets include:

  • Club-420's
  • Bytes
  • Optimist Dinghies
  • Optimist Prams

You may now register online for 2014 Summer programs at https://calgaryyachtclub.checklick.com
(Checklick is Sail Canada's national educational tracking and payment system)

For further information on our programs, please contact:
Laurie Dunn, Club Manager at 403-272-3300 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


View Course Descriptions
Thursday Night Racing PDF Print E-mail

Our Thursday Night Twilight Racing Series has been active on Chestermere for a long time.

First Flag (first race start) is at 7:00pm (6:30 during September) and all are welcome in this fun and social series.

Dinner and refreshments are available for sailors for a small fee.

2013 results will be made available here: http://www.cyc.ab.ca/Results/thursday_night_2013.html

2012 results are available here:  http://www.cyc.ab.ca/Results/thursday_night_2012.html

Here are the Thursday Night Racing 2013 - SAILING INSTRUCTIONS

Youth Racing Program PDF Print E-mail

The Calgary Yacht Club is the largest educational, training and competitive centre for youth sailing in Alberta. Committed to the development of young sailors, The Club runs a comprehensive program led by qualified and dedicated coaches where the focus is on participation and fun as much as it is on skill development  and race training. The program aims to develop life-long sailors and a love of the sport.

Operating on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings throughout the season, the program provides participants with equipment, coaching, and logistical support while introducing them to the competitive aspects of dinghy sailing. Participants can also access coaching and support at racing events throughout Alberta.

The program fees cover coaching expenses for classroom and on-water time during Spring Training Camps, Tuesday and/or Wednesday night training sessions, and Thursday night racing.  The costs associated with attendance at regattas, including boat transportation, registration fees, and coaching support, are NOT included in the program fee.

Training as a group, our youth sailors can expect:

  • - Social, fitness, and education activities to build the team dynamic and learn about sailing.
  • - Training camps run three weekends in May
  • - Tuesday and Wednesday night coached sessions for Optis held throughout the summer
  • - Wednesday night coached sessions for Lasers held throughout the summer
  • - Development of racing skills during The Club's Thursday night Twilight Racing Series
  • - Debriefing sessions following coached activities
  • - Participation at selected local, provincial, and national regattas held across North America

For further information on our programs, please contact:

Laurie Dunn, Club Manager at 403-272-3300 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


GOAL: “To be a centre of excellence for Prairie sailing and youth development”

MISSION: “To develop youth racing at the Calgary Yacht Club”